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Latex-Free Cleaning Gloves

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, allergist, or dietitian. The information on this site recounts my personal experience only. Talk to your doctor with questions or concerns. I post links to items I use or recommend. I am not affiliated with these companies and do not receive compensation if you click on the links. I use links for reader's convenience.

Sensitive skin comes with an abundance of obstacles. Many people understand the importance of being aware of allergens and chemicals used in personal care and beauty products. This is because reactions secondary to personal care and beauty products may be obvious. You use a new eye shadow and your eyes get dry, itchy, or swollen. You try out a new body wash and realize it’s making your eczema flare up. What many people may overlook is how often and how much cleaning products may be affecting their allergies or sensitivities.

I only recently started to broaden my lens on what could be making me itch or creating other negative reactions. Stay tuned for more information on my product investigation and trials in future posts.

Right now I want to provide a cost-effective and quick way to start avoiding unnecessary allergens or chemicals via skin contact. Protecting your skin from everyday cleaning products and chemicals is important to maintaining its naturally healthy barrier. The simplest recommendation is to wear gloves when doing dishes or cleaning.

The Problem:

Latex. A popular brand on the market for kitchen/cleaning gloves is Playtex which is readily available and an obvious no-no for those with latex allergies.

I am lucky and am not severely allergic to latex though I know many individuals who may experience anaphylactic reactions. My allergy presents as hives and a rash. To be on the safe side or to help individuals who may come into your home with a severe latex-allergy, opt for latex-free whenever possible.

The Solution:

My favorite gloves are Mr. Clean Bliss: Premium Latex-Free Gloves. As a heads up, they can be tough to locate in stores; I typically buy a whole slew on amazon at once. Sizes small or medium work perfectly for me.

I love them not only because they are latex-free but the inside is lined with a super-soft material for added comfort when cleaning!

Cleaning with Gloves:

  • Washing dishes

  • Daily spraying and wiping kitchen counters or other surfaces in your home

  • Mopping the floors

  • Weekly routine cleaning of kitchen or bathroom

  • Washing windows

  • Soaking and agitating clothes for stain removal

  • Dusting

  • Using a hose outdoors; gardening

  • Washing the car

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