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Stressed Out Eczema Flare-Up

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

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This is with taking 10-20mg of prednisone/day!

My Attempt At A Resolution

Typically, I have my eczema managed; I'm sure my boyfriend thinks otherwise by my constant itching. Though recently I experienced a flare up on my arms, which hasn't happened in 4-5 years. I knew right away that it was all stress-related. Regardless, I cut out my lactose-free cheese, tried to drink more water, and dug up some prednisone I had left over from my allergist.

Disclaimer: only take medicine your doctor prescribes for your specific medical need.

NONE of this worked.

Close up!


I sat down and evaluated why I was so stressed and how I could change that. I have a lot of things up in the air in my life right now. Being a type A, basically OCD individual sent my thoughts on a endless loop of what-ifs.

Currently, I am mixed up with 4 different jobs across my week. Some weeks I love the diversity and other days I pray for more consistency.

I work at a private clinic 2 days per week, a summer school 2 days per week, for the county doing pediatric home visits 1 day per week, and I recently landed a bartending gig at a local brewery. Of course, the main reason for all these jobs is money. I am trying to pay my student loans off as quickly as possible so my boyfriend and I can start a new chapter of our lives together.

Anyway, reasons for my stress include: money, work, money, clients, work hours, finding time to work out, money, and benefits.

*notice how I let all of my waking thoughts revolve around money. Terrible.

So I tried my usual natural remedies for my hideous arm break-out but nothing worked. I ended up calling about 5 dermatologists a day to find an opening because my only hope would be a prescription. Plus I am loosing my health benefits in August when I turn 26 :( FINALLY after about 2 weeks I landed an appointment and got a real prescription for the beloved prednisone.

Once I complete the cycle I will have to find a better work-life balance to ensure my stress levels are maintained.

Share Your Experience

  • What are your eczema triggers?

  • What are some natural remedies you use for your eczema? (I carry Aquaphor on me at all times)

  • How do you manage your day-to-day stress to avoid a flare-up?

Please share your knowledge!

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