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What’s In Your Toothpaste?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The information on this site recounts my personal experience only. Talk to your doctor with questions or concerns. I have no affiliations. I use links for reader's convenience.

My Day to Day

Up until 6 months ago I was experiencing OAS symptoms every day for what felt like forever; at least 3 years? That’s over a thousand day’s of an itchy and red mouth. I am cautious with my food habits, living habits, and medications in prevention of reactions. So what gives?! Why was I reacting so much?

Daily Routine

One day, in one of the OAS Facegroup groups, I read someone’s post on toothpaste. A light went off. Every morning and night I brush my teeth. This had to have been the one item I completely overlooked that was causing, or exacerbating, my red and itchy mout

Toothpaste Factors

I then dove into the OAS group searching and reading people’s posts on toothpaste. A lot of individuals mentioned allergies or reactions to mint, cinnamon or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). All of which are known allergens or irritants and are extremely common in toothpaste. At the time, I was using TOMS Wicked Fresh which contains mint and SLS.

Hunt for New Toothpaste

I began my hunt for a new toothpaste. Fortunately, it didn’t last too long or cause a massive dent in my wallet. Unfortunately, a lot of toothpastes that market themselves as “natural, free, clear, safe…” etc contain coconut oil. Since I am allergic to coconut that took out almost everything I could find in stores or online for a reasonable price.

What I tried:

  • Sensodyne - per recommendation of FB —> no luck

  • Colgate Zero - which has 0 “everything” —> still no bueno

  • Arm and Hammer - still not winning

I went back to FB and read someone’s recommendation of children’s toothpaste as it does not contain mint or cinnamon. I tried out TOMS Silly Strawberry and within 1-2 days I was not having the same red and itchy mouth every morning! WIN!

The only downside is that TOMS still contains SLS which could be irritating me in some way. That being said, I am still on the hunt for a mint, cinnamon, coconut, SLS-free toothpaste.

A New Normal

I texted my whole family about this because it was so exciting. I had gotten so used to itchy being my normal, that not being itchy was life changing. Now, whenever I am itchy I find it’s a big deal.

Please share with me!

What is your favorite toothpaste? Or mouthwash (as I am still looking for a mint free alternative)?

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