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Yogurt + Granola (Lactose, Gluten, Nut-Free)

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, allergist, or dietitian. The information on this site recounts my personal experience only. Talk to your doctor with questions or concerns. I post links to items I use or recommend. I am not affiliated with these companies and do not receive compensation if you click on the links. I use links for reader's convenience.

Anyone with allergies knows how difficult it is to find snacks. My snacks are basically just small portioned meals. Most fruits, veggies, and prepackaged foods are out secondary to OAS, gluten/lactose intolerance and production cross contaminations. Only recently have I begun to discover allergy-friendly foods for snacks. Now, my go-to morning snack (around 10am) is yogurt with granola, or if I’m really hungry, granola with a little yogurt.

For convenience I like Green Valley’s LACTOSE FREE single serve 6oz yogurt cups, though the more economical route is to divide their 24oz container into your own containers. I love this yogurt because it's all the calcium and probiotics without any of the lactose <3 Their whole milk 24oz yogurt contains 7grams of protein per ¾ cup.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the awesomeness of Made Good products, everything is made in a beautiful facility free from: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, sesame and fish/shellfish. AMAZING!

I have found Green Valley yogurt at Wegmans and Whole Foods and Made Good Granola at Wegmans.

Luckily, this snack has a simple recipe, if you can even call it that.



  • Place granola on top of yogurt and enjoy the crunch


  • Mix granola into the yogurt

  • Enjoy!

The yogurt is in there; I promise!

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